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Xeros® - Condensation control film

New patent pending Xeros® technology sets new packaging standards for wrapping pallets of corrugated produce boxes:

  • Protects against rain, dust and contamination

  • Eliminates condensation

  • Maintains barcode readability 

10 sided protection

With the increasing focus on food safety, the market continues to demand higher packaging standards. In order to eliminate the risk of mold and related food safety hazards, several agriculture processing companies and growers have requested the produce boxes be wrapped in stretch bags without any condensation.

To meet these end-user needs, Lachenmeier has developed a new condensation control film which is called Xeros®. The development of the new Xeros® condensation control film is based on years of intensive scientific research and testing.

The Xeros® technology is utilizing a combination of different proprietary features, which effectively manage the sunlight and prevent the formation of condensation inside the bags.

The products are protected from the outside and inside. It's 10 sided protection.

The box plants which already have implemented the Xeros® stretch bags are seeing the value in the form of reduced warranty claims from wet boxes and increased customer support.

For further information, please download the Xeros® pdf brochure.

To learn more about the Lachenmeier automatic bagger applying film bags based on the Xeros® technology, go to "wrapping corrugated produce container bales".

Large load sizes

Large load sizes are not a problem.Our Multi FleXL wraps loads up to 3m in lenght and 3m in height.

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