Beverage packaging

For all beverage packaging needs: Can packaging, bottle packaging, kegs and tetra packs with no deformation!

Whether 6-pack bottles of beer, cans with softdrinks, or light weight PET bottles with water, Lachenmeier has a solution to wrap this unstable pallet loads considering their extreme variations in packaging requirements.

Especially when wrapping beverages our huge knowledge of film is essential in order to choose the right film for each packaging requirement. Thin PET bottles with non sparkling water requires one quality of film, but certainly not the same quality as we would use for cans with beer.

At Lachenmeier we select a film which exactly meets the stability requirements, but at the same time respects the handling during transport, without compromising on product integrity.

Small but powerfull

Check out our packaging machine, the Power Flex T1. The perfect machine for pallets with minor variation in size.

More about our Power Flex T1