Load stability for horticulture

The horticulture industry consists of a variety of products; from mulch, top soils, fertilizers, grass seeds, etc. Each product can present a different challenge. For example; mulch loads can range in heights from 48 inches to sometimes 96 inches or more, depending on the supplier. These tall load heights make it difficult for conventional stretch wrapping methods to provide proper load stabilization. Lachenmeier has proven many times over that our stretch hooding system is the solution for effectively wrapping these loads. 

In order to be successful with wrapping mulch loads and tall loads in general, the equipment being used must have the flexibility to adjust to the tall loads and the product overhang that is commonly found with these loads. Lachenmeier's Multi FleX1 stretch hood machine has that flexibility. Our patented film unwinding during stretch feature (#US7040076), allows us to properly stretch the film, prior to applying it. This process reduces the amount of film consumption per load and provides more film thickness on the corners for extra holding forces. It also helps control how the film is being applied, for maximum load integrity. For more demanding situations, where extra rough handling may be an issue, Lachenmeier equipment can apply unique wrapping patterns to the load for extra reinforcing and stabilization needs.

One mandatory requirement for the horticulture industry is; finished wrapped loads must be stored outside. This presents a problem for conventional stretch wrapping. Unlike stretch wrapping and top sheets wrapping methods, stretch hooding does not have the risk of water and dirt running down between the layers of film, potentially damaging the product and negatively altering the loads appearance. It is one solid piece of film protection, which allows the weather and dirt to run off the side of the loads, keeping them clean and intact.

Lachenmeier stretch hooding also improves load stability. The combination of how the machine applies the film, along with the characteristics of the film, provides load holding forces in the horizontal and vertical directions. As a result, the loads are more secure.

Lachenmeier's stretch hooding process is a one machine, one step process, which saves on production line space due to a small machine footprint and the elimination of upstream top sheet machines, or bag placers. The equipment has less moving parts than most stretch wrapping systems and requires fewer steps to properly wrap the loads. As a result, the overall cost per load may be reduced, because there is no manual labor involved, it eliminates the need for top sheets or bags, no pop conveyors need to release the film under the pallet, no need for trucking tarps, reduced maintenance, etc. The Lachenmeier system is very efficient and highly recommended for this industry.

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