Building products

Building products

Bag packaging - Cement, mortar, gypsum and lime as well as roofing plates, flooring and all other building products wrapped for transport.

Building products whether cement, mortar, gypsum, lime etc, all need to be shipped around the world to distributors and construction sites and this transport requires effective and secure packaging. A packaging which have to protect the products from rough handling, inclement weather, and other abuse over which a manufacturer has no control.

The one thing you can control, however, is the type of packaging you use.

By streamlining your packaging and ensuring that you have only the basic necessities for safely delivering your product to its destination, you will save the environment, money, and can better market your green message. Lachenmeier is your guarantee for optimum packaging integrity at the lowest possible price.

Small but powerfull

Check out our packaging machine, the Power Flex T1. The perfect machine for pallets with minor variation in size.

More about our Power Flex T1

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