Protective packaging for appliances

Use Lachenmeier wrapping technology for your appliance packaging.

The appliance industry is characterized by very high output, very high demands for consistent high quality wrapping and maximum reliability. Lachenmeier developed the clear view packaging concept for appliance packaging in the 1980s. The clear pack concept has been highly successful in reducing packaging costs, labor costs and warranty claims.

Today, stretch hood technology has outperformed shrink technology in regards to packaging costs, packaging quality and reliability. The Lachenmeier X1 stretch hooder is a superior technical solution for appliance packaging. The machine has a hydraulic stretch system, which is the most durable on the market. The X1 stretch hooder is designed to wrap over 1.6 million units per year without any wear on the stretching mechanism. New features on the X1 for appliance packaging:

  • New features to improve the bottom finish of the units
  • Capable of handling films with very high COF
  • Maximum performance with 14 second cycle times

High Speed Wrapping

Check out our flexible stretch hood wrapping machine Multi FleX1 for high speed wrapping.

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