Power Flex T1

Power Flex TL

The strong wrapping solution

The Power Flex TL  machine is primarily used for wrapping of different load heights but only few pallet sizes. If the size difference between the smallest and the largest pallet is too big, the Multi Flex machine should be considered.

Like all other Lachenmeier Stretch Hood machines, the Power Flex TL is fitted with our patented technology of lowering the top of the machine down to floor level for easy service and maintenance (EP 2 069 206 B1). 

The capacity of the Power Flex TL is up to 200 loads an hour.

Film turning device for long side leading products

No matter whether pallets are conveyed into the machine short side or long side leading, the film is automatically turned in the machine to fit the pallet direction in question.

Especially in the bricks and building industry transporting the products long side leading is very often used.

Film turning device for long side leading products