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Sounds like something you hear all the time, but we would be happy to prove it to you. 

Lachenmeier's core business is pallet safety. We concentrate on providing state-of-the art pallet stretch hood and shrink wrap solutions with the best mix between function and cost. We focus on machine performance in combination with the right packaging film, and we look for saving possibilities while we at the same time look for ways to reduce your film usage and to improve the quality of the wrappings. 

Before: Stretch Wrap
Before: Stretch Wrap
After: Stretch Hood
After: Stretch Hood
Stretch wrap versus stretch hood

This customer used to stretch wrap his products, but were looking at reducing costs related to missing products dropping out during transport besides generally the aim for reduced packaging costs. 

He then changed to Lachenmeier stretch hood, down gauged considerably in film size and thickness compared to market standard, and achieved a wrapping with closed hood, eliminating costly work and time in connection with products getting lost during transport. 

Film Savings

See how abena changed from traditional stretch wrapping to Lachenmeier Stretch Hood and saved not unly 28.3% on film consumption but at the same time solved problems with products getting lost during transport.

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Whether you are looking for increased load stability, reduced packaging material, minimum waste, basically an improved packaging process where you can reduce the overall cost of your packaging, we can, based on our many years of industry best practise, take a close look at your existing packaging solution and make suggestions and recommendation as to possible cost savings and efficiencies. 

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