Wood Pellets

100% Waterproof Pallet Wrapping for Wood Pellets

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Learn how Applachian Wood Pellets implemented new pallet wrapping method for their Wood Pellets

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Keep your load dry and clean with Lachenmeier Stretch Hood Wrapping

Wood pellets
  • Five sided protection from harsh indoor/outdoor environments
  • Increase load protection from UV damage
  • Lower your wrapping costs per load
  • Increased packaging speed

Since installing the Lachenmeier system, the end of line packaging process has operated much more efficiently. The finished products are more stable, much more appealing to the eye and have saved us on operating and labor costs and have reduced cost per load.

Don Wagner
General Manager

Make sure that your pellets are safely wrapped before being transported to your customers

Are moisture and ultraviolet light from the sun causing trouble?

Moisture and the ultraviolet light from the sun are the main contributors to damaged pellets. Moisture causes wood pellets to immediately swell and break down into sawdust.

Test us to wrap your products…!

Stretch hood pallet wrapping is the proper wrapping for bagged pellet loads.

The environmentally responsible product. 

Being environmentally responsible, we know the importance of maximum load stability, a water resistant wrapping and a UV protected load.

No need for extra wrapping like putting the pellet bags in corrugated trays and then stretch wrapping them, sometimes even twice with a 4 mill stretch wrap film in order to prevent material breakdown and weather damage.

Simply apply a 100% waterproof UV protected stretch hood cover onto the palletized pellets bags and you are good to go. This quality packaging helps protect the pellets from breakdown and exposure to the elements.

100% Waterproof Pallet Wrapping for Wood Pellets

100% Waterproof Pallet Wrapping for Wood Pellets