Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping

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Learn how Applachian Wood Pellets implemented new pallet wrapping method

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Keep your load dry and clean with Signode Stretch Hood Wrapping

Wood pellets
  • High package integrity and the flexibility of its use
  • Stabilize and handle very unstable loads
  • Lower your wrapping costs per load
  • Increased packaging speed
  • Minimize the most prevalent types of damage to loads
  • Fully automatic operation

Since installing the Lachenmeier system, the end of line packaging process has operated much more efficiently. The finished products are more stable, much more appealing to the eye and have saved us on operating and labor costs and have reduced cost per load.

Don Wagner
General Manager

Make sure that your pellets are safely wrapped before being transported to your customers

Are moisture and ultraviolet light from the sun causing trouble?

Stretch hood is one of the fastest growing applications in pallet packaging (around 20% annual growth rate in Europe), due to the high package integrity and the flexibility of its use for palletizing various product loads.

Stretch hood is the solution to stabilize and handle very unstable loads. By use of the right unitization technology you can minimize the most prevalent types of damage to loads such as shifting, ripped or loose packing, crushing, water damage and infestation.

The stretch hood is made from a continuous roll of gusseted film which is stretched over the pallet load for maximum load integrity. It's a fully automatic operation where the machine automatically adjusts to the pallet height in question.

Get a glimpse of our total stretch hood product line and learn what we can do to help you improve your packaging.

100% Waterproof Pallet Wrapping

100% Waterproof Pallet Wrapping


Signode supplies end-of-line packaging machinery to various industries worldwide.

Read on to learn more about which packaging solutions we recommend for different industries, read case stories on some of our customers, who have chosen to rely on the Signode packaging technology – known on the market for more than 40 years – and see for yourself – pictures showing the wrapping result of the different wrapping technologies.

You name it - we wrap it ...!

See the Stretch Hood process

Food products packaging

Food products in boxes, jars, cartons, bottles and other container types.

Chemicals packaging

Chemicals in bags, big bags and octabins.

Pallet wrapping of miscellaneous products

You name it, we wrap it...

Insulation packaging

Tall loads of insulation batches, large loads with gypsum boards or EPS boards, etc. 

Empty containers packaging

Empty containers and bottles

Building materials packaging

Bag packaging - Cement, mortar, gypsum and lime as well as roofing plates, flooring and other building products.

Fiber fuels packaging

Wood pellets and fiber fuel

Horticulture packaging


Appliances packaging

Washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, freezers, cookers, etc.

Beverages packaging

Beverages in either PET bottles, cans, cartons, glass, fridge packs, tetra bricks.

Minerals packaging


Corrugated packaging

Paper packaging and corrugated packaging.

Bricks packaging

Facing bricks, back wall bricks, roof tiles, light concrete, pavers, ceramics, etc. 


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Stretch Hood (4 pages)
Stretch Hood (4 pages)

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Stretch Hood