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Request a FREE Packaging Test

Based on our many years of experience in the packaging industry we know how to combine your packaging requirements with our machine and film knowledge.

The result is the optimum wrapping solution at the lowest possible price.

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Discover how our packaging test can help you solve your different packaging issues

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Reasons for requesting a FREE packaging test:

Cost savings

You are simply looking for potential cost savings in your existing packaging?

Solving problems

You are looking for help solving problems with your current pallet packaging?

Packaging changes

You are considering changing your existing packaging design or your palletizing pattern?

New products

You are in the process of developing a new product that needs a wrapping?


You are not fully convinced that your existing wrapping comply with international norms and standard of load securement?

Lachenmeier can assist your company in validating your existing wrapping and at the same time show you the possibilities when changing to the Lachenmeier stretch hood solution

for your specific products and according to your specific requirements


  • Costs
  • Stability
  • Marketing
  • Packaging speed
  • Packaging norms
  • End customer
  • Consumables
  • Other external 

Packaging Test Guide

In order for us to help you find the optimum packaging for your products, we offer you a free test packaging. Fill in the form and download our Packaging Test Guide, which will guide you through the steps of a Lachenmeier test packaging. Find out how we can help you save money on your packaging, improve your packaging quality, improve the marketability of your products, reduce product damage, etc. – whatever requirements you may have, we will help you find the optimum solution at the lowest possible price. 

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Lachenmeier’s core business is pallet safety. We concentrate on providing state-of-the-art pallet wrap solutions with the best mix between function and cost. We focus on machine performance in combination with the right packaging film, and we look for saving possibilities while we at the same time look for ways to reduce your film usage and to improve the quality of the wraps.

If you are interested in a FREE, no obligation packaging test, please fill in the form for this to be arranged.