Less is more

Lower your packaging costs without compromising load stability

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The Lachenmeier solution is now so cost efficient that we outmatch other pallet wrapping methods. 

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We know how to create cost effective packaging solutions that will allow our customers to be, and stay competitive in the market. 

Less is more is the intelligent packaging solution from Lachenmeier. It relies on the best mix between packaging function and cost and it's a result of our many years of experience as a global market leader in pallet wrapping. 

Less is more is a matter of lowering your packaging costs without compromising load stability. 

Reduced film thickness


Why not pack your products using less film by weight and in turn create considerable savings in film and packaging waste at the same time.

Combining film based on the very latest in down gauging technology to provide the necessary strength, the right holding force, and good puncture resistance, with the Lachenmeier stretch hood wrapping technology, offers customers considerable savings due to extreme down gauging possibilities.

A downgauging made possible thanks to our film unwinding patent EP 1 184 281 which eliminates thin and fragile film on the corners of the load, making the film on the corners approx. 30% thicker than normally. Besides going down in film thickness and thus saving money this systems also reduces the risk of tearing the film during application as well as secures the wrapping of products with sharp corners.

Less film handling

Less film handling

When down gauging you achieve greater length of film per reel which also ensures improvements in efficiency. Not only are fewer deliveries of film necessary, you will also spend less manpower and ressources on ordering and handling the film, not to forget the reduced amount of production floor space needed for storage, and the fewer stoppages for reel changes, maximising packaging line performance and reducing downtime.

Since installing the Lachenmeier system, the end of line packaging process has operated much more efficiently. The finished products are more stable, much more appealing to the eye and have saved us on operating and labor costs and have reduced cost per load.

Don Wagner
General Manager