Lachenmeier introduces trend-setting visualisation in pallet packaging HMI with new ICPA interface panel

Lachenmeier's HMI panel
By Alice Holm Kristensen 13/08/2015
User friendly design offers more control and greater communication.


Lachenmeier introduces new ICPA Interface to meet increasing demand for easy to use HMIs - providing intelligent communication in packaging with a user-friendly design that virtually anyone can operate.  The new panel allows operators to control, monitor, diagnose and manage wrap applications. Specially designed icons illustrate every step of the wrapping process and provide better information on the wrap cycle. No programming skills are required to operate the panel.

The ICPA Interface is now standard on all new Lachenmeier stretch hood models. Following simple instructions, key product data is incorporated to allow the system to seamlessly adjust to varying load sizes. A large number of programs can be stored from default and called up by a simple touch of a button. As new pallet sizes or changes in existing pallets are added, the machine will automatically align itself to the new settings. To ensure greater security and avoid improper machine use, the system allows for a multi-level access and can assign each user varying levels of access with unique password logins for each operator.

The inherent design of Lachenmeier stretch hood machines and film further ensure greater load security and decrease costs associated with pallets being damaged in transit. At the end of the day, cost is still an important market driver. Lachenmeier machines and film ultimately help customers reduce costs associated with load containment by providing the greatest packaging optimization from application to destination.